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The server is specifically designed for structural ensembles that were generated to reflect the internal dynamics of proteins at a given time scale. Such ensembles are typically generated by restrained molecular dynamics methods or selection-based approaches. CoNSEnsX+ provides an ensemble-averaged analysis of all experimental parameters recognized in the input and offers a simple greedy selection approach to identify the sub-ensemble best reflecting the parameters chosen.

Input a multi-model PDB file, a BMRB format NOE distance restraint file (optional, V2 NMR Restraints at the Protein Data Bank) and a BMRB restraint file to check the accuracy of the protein structural ensemble against experimental data. For a detailed description, see the description page. For reference on accepted file formatting, please consult the downloadable test data. You can run a test calculation on the test data anytime with the provided test data, to check if the server is working.
When publishing results obtained with CoNSEnsX, you are kindly asked to cite the relevant references from these:
Questions and suggestions regarding the CoNSEnsX server should go to Zoltán Gáspári (gaspari.zoltan at